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The bar runners may be the best promotional and advertising products for beer, beverage.
Bar runners can be used on all types of counter display and due to their construction are particularly suitable for use in bars, restaurants and clubs.
A practical solution for any bar to absorb spills on the bar and then can be washed and tumble dried by machine.
Please note the below products were all produced by us, but the copyright belong to our client.

Bar runner014    (20x40.5cm)
Bar runner015    (20x57cm)
Bar runner016    (20x57cm)
Bar runner017    (20x57cm)
Bar runner018     (19.5x60cm)
Bar runner019    (24x44cm)
Bar runner020    (24x44cm)
Bar runner021    (24x44cm)
Bar runner022    (24x44cm)
Bar runner023    (24.5x44cm)
Bar runner024    (24.5x44cm)
Coaster01    (9x9cm)
Coaster02   (9x9cm)
Coaster03   (9x9cm)
Coaster04   (9x9cm)

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