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Our floormats are of the highest quality and the most durable mats available. The design, for example, is permanently dyed in the material. This design is available in the following mats:

Designer Doormats: Heavy duty flat mat with polyester surface. Wash with a hose. Offered in Designer Standard (20" x 30") 
Comfort Doormats: Soft step polyester surface on a thick foam mat. Sponge clean with water and a mild liquid soap. Offered in Comfort Standard 
Please note the below products were all produced by us, but the copyright belong to our client.

Outdoor mats001 (60x90cm)
Outdoor mats002 (45x76cm)
Outdoor mats003 (45x76cm)
Outdoor mats004 (45x76cm)
Outdoor mats005 (45x76cm)
Outdoor mats006 (45x76cm)
Outdoor mats007 (40x70cm)
Outdoor mats008 (40x60cm)

Outdoor mats009 (40x60cm)

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